Established in 1999, the PNH Group stands for the highest quality and sustainable developments. We will only consider opportunities that will bring significant benefits and value to the businesses or residential communities that occupy them.


We will achieve this through the broadest collaboration and a tenacity that will ensure that ideas and
needs are recognized and delivered from every perspective.



Robust income streams from business parks and office spaces, through to positive asset disposals. This combination truly reflects the PNH approach to management of group assets; utilising revenues and reinvesting in innovation, renovation, tenant care and peer-to-peer relationships.



Our goal is to positively impact people’s lives - providing the highest quality tenant care from truly sustainable residential projects. PNH Properties take pride in regenerating environments and enhancing property values, working with local authorities and redevelopment teams.



The Pursuit of Opportunity is the banner that we choose to march behind. We are always searching the landscape for fresh perspectives – opinions from experts that become the trigger for new, life changing and exciting opportunities, anywhere in the World.